Auction Types:

· Real Estate and Land:  Real estate and land auctions are the hallmark of Pifer's Auction & Realty. Pifer's develops an extensive catalog and marketing material on your property then presents it to the buying public in a professional, first class manner. In addition, Pifer's utilizes the power of the Internet to attract a national buyer base for your property.

· Farm and Ranch Machinery:  Pifer's assists farmers and ranchers in the entire auction process, such as cleaning the equipment, assistance in preparing inoperable machinery, and establishing fair market values. Pifer's develops an extensive marketing plan and targets farm and ranch machinery buyers for these auctions.

· Estates:  Pifer's manages estate auctions for families or individuals. Services include an estimate of the valuation of the estate, property preparation, auction inventory, marketing plan, and implementation of marketing and promotional plan. Pifer's also provides itemization of all the property sold and serves as a third party financial judiciary.

· Business Liquidation:  Pifer's works with business owners to provide an orderly liquidation of their property and merchandise. Pifer's assists owners in the inventory, itemization, and set up of these auctions. If the property needs to be moved, Pifer's provides the packing and moving services.

Auction Services:

· Estimates:  Pifer's can provide estimates on your property. This process involves an extensive inventory of your property and determination of what will actually be sold at the auction. Additionally, Pifer's can provide property and real estate appraisals through its correspondents.

· Auction Set-Up:  Pifer's provides extensive services for auction preparation and planning. Pifer's can provide all of the auction set-up services and the equipment to manage this function. The client can choose to what extent they want Pifer's to be involved in the set up of an auction. Some auctions require more set up time and equipment than others. We work with our clients to determine the most feasible and effective manner to set up the sale.

· Property and Equipment Preparation:  Pifer's staff can assist you in preparing your property and equipment for auction. This includes cleaning, limited mechanical or equipment preparation, and recommendations on improvements to enhance the return on your equipment.

· Marketing and Promotion:  Pifer's provides an extensive marketing plan for auction. This includes property evaluation, property itemization, marketing development, advertising development, advertising and marketing implementation, and direct mailing to specific buyers.

· Clerking and Fiduciary Services:  Pifer's can manage the proceeds of your sale by clerking the auction and distributing the net proceeds. Pifer's is a licensed and bonded clerking company that provides the itemization of the property sold, the amount for which it was sold and to which bidder, and distributes the net proceeds to the client.